Fad colors will come and go, but white will always look fresh, clean and beautiful. This month we are inspired by the white kitchen. It is not only perfectly classic with the ability to stand the test of time, but it creates a neutral setting that is comfortable for anyone to live in while providing an appealing work environment.


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Let’s take a deeper look into why we love this design so much.

Open Space

White walls and white cabinets create the perception of a big, airy room making any small or narrow kitchen feel much larger. Capture the essence of reflection as both natural and artificial light will reflect off of these white surfaces creating a big and bright atmosphere for the perfect meal preparation as well as conversational area.


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The Benefits of White Appliances

First, white appliances tend to cost less than other finishes. So, if you have your eye on elaborate light fixtures or wall treatments, save some budget in the appliance department and splurge where it matter to you most.

Plus, white appliances will blend perfectly with your white walls and cabinets for a nice clean and smooth finish. This minimalist look provides a very pleasing view from the other rooms in your home by minimizing distractions that could clash with your other decor.


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Your white appliances also give you the opportunity to use unique and creative backsplashes that provide visual interest without creating chaos in your kitchen.


Complements with Nature

Bringing natural elements into the home evokes feelings of calmness and comfort. A white backdrop in your kitchen provides the perfect environment to bring in natural materials such as bamboo, stone and wicker. Try wooden stools, a farmhouse table, a butcher block island or hard wood floors that look rich and elegant against white.


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Works with Every Style

The white kitchen is so versatile allowing you to add your personal spark where it matters most. Highlight furniture or design elements or add a splash of your favorite color to freshen up your look. Think small appliances, accessories, backsplashes and even your island in a complementary color.

Add a little shine with modern stainless-steel appliances, brushed-nickel hardware or glass and ceramic accents. In fact, your kitchen’s white backdrop is perfect for showing off ceramic dishes and colorful glassware. Try glass-front cabinets and open shelving for displaying these collections.



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Photo: Houzz

Design Tip on White Paint

White paint comes in a wide variety of tones. Consider whether your kitchen faces north, east, south or west as you choose the perfect shade for your space. If your kitchen faces north or east stick to warm tones because your space will tend to be exposed to limited light throughout the day and the warmth from your paint color will enhance the feeling of comfort. If your kitchen faces south or west opt for cool tones because your room will be encountering generous amounts of sunlight during the day and cooler shades will help tone down the heated atmosphere.

Are you feeling as inspired as we are about the white kitchen? Let the interior design experts at Decor & You create a personalized plan for your perfect white kitchen, which will breathe classic and comfort into your life.