Decor & You Provides Custom Interior Design Services in the Dallas Metro Area.

We Believe a Home Reflects What Matters Most…Let Us Design What Matters Most to You.

Do you want a home that represents your success, but pulling it all together is overwhelming? Would you like to feel more inspired by your surroundings? Do you have rooms in your home that now feel dated or less functional? Maybe you’re in a new home, and don’t know where to begin.

Your home should reflect who you are, what your interests are, and how you like to live. Let us help you tell your visual story. We’ll partner with you in a design experience that makes your space one that is inspiring, functional, timeless, and looks and feels great! We specialize in creating interiors that reflect your personality and meet your needs.

Let Decor & You help you love the home you’re in! We offer exclusive products, management resources, interior design consulting and inspiration for homes and businesses located throughout the Dallas, TX metro area.

We’ll Present Custom, Worry-Free Interior Design Solutions That Will Match Your Lifestyle, Vision and Investment.

When it comes to interior decorating & design, every client is going to be different. Because of this, we offer various packages and options to simplify your experience: whether you’re looking to make a big change, or add a new look to what’s already there. Maybe you’re a Do-It-Yourself-er who needs the right direction; or, your goal is to completely transform your space – we have an interior design package that’s totally right for you. And your vision, taste, preferences and budget are at the top of the priority list.

Call, or Email today to schedule your Decor & You® consultation. We’ll listen, provide excellent service, and transform your space to ensure you’re home truly reflects what matters most to you.

Full Service Interior Decorating & Design:

  • Personalized Decor Plan
  • Whole Home, or One Room Interior Make-overs
  • Home Staging & Restyling
  • Office Space Design
  • Space Planning & Lighting Design
  • Color Scheme Consultation
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels
  • Custom Upholstery & Furniture
  • Artwork & Accessories
  • Area Rugs & Flooring
  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Outdoor Living & Furnishings

Complete project management–from design conception through installation